Oil Tank Absorber – 489ml or 1.59L

Condensation naturally occurs in all fuel storage tanks & causes contamination in the form of water that settles on the bottom of the tank.  You can prevent damage and remove unwanted water using our oil absorbers available in 489ml or 1.59L sizes. Simply choose the size that is the best fit for your oil tank.


If there is water present a number of problems can occur:

  • Water can enter the heating system instead of the fuel and cause damage to the burner or boiler.
  • Water can increase the growth of bacteria and cause tank sludge.
  • Water will rapidly increase rusting of a metal tank and metal components within a heating system.
  • Water can freeze in the tank and cause the fuel to degrade


How to use:

Our oil tank absorbers are weighted so that they lay flat on the bottom of your tank. Containing super absorbent polymers which soaks up any water but is impervious to fuel.

Lower the water absorber into the tank, attach using the 3m cord. (Ensure its sitting on the bottom of the tank).

When its fully absorbed any water, the nylon bladder expands into the mesh containment tube.



Removing the water in your tank will help maintain the quality of your fuel and enable your system to run cleaner and more efficiently, giving you the peace of mind that your fuel will work to its maximum capability.