The Tiger Loop Bio removes air from heating oil and can be fitted internally or externally. Not only compatible with standard mineral fuels like kerosene and gas oil but also bio-liquids and bio-liquid/mineral fuel blends. Suitable for oil, kerosene and biofuel. 1/4″ F BSP.

Product Features
Nozzle Capacity (l/h) – 110
Oil Flow (l/h) – 230
Max return oil (l/h) – 120
De-aerating capacity (l/h) – 8
Max operating temp – 70ºc
Max/Min Pressure – +0.5/-0.6
Inlet/Outlet – 1/4″ F BSP
Kerosene, oil and biofuel
Web Pack Includes
420145 Kingspan Tigerloop original bio oil de-aerator